Free Will Baptist Church November 3, 2019

It was Warrior Sunday at Free Will Baptist Church on October 27, 2019 as Youth Pastor Johnathan Monday delved into the bible to exemplify various "Warrior" characters in the Word..

Free Will Baptist Church October 20, 2019

Singing and oldie about the blood of Jesus, Sheldon DeGazon was enthusiastic about Jesus's actions on the cross, then Pastor Gene Wooton in his opening statement teased the congregation about getting valuable stuff, but with strings attach, "no so", he said about what God has given us, it was WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

Free Will Baptist Church October 13, 2019

Playing the harmonica, Miron Hendrickson played one of his favorites that pleased the congregation, this was immediately followed by Youth Pastor Jonathan Monday as he spoke on not just going to the Light, but Living the Light.

Free Will Baptist Church Oct 6, 2019

As Paula Cumbermack sincerely urges each one to reach one in song which was followed by an equal in thought sermon by Pastor Gene Wooton entitled - "Love Your Neighbor" This may be an opportunity to send this link to your neighbor. To God be all the glory.

Free Will Baptist Church Sept 15, 2019

Do you believe miracles happens every day? Well Joshua McLaney has the proof as he ministers in song, this was followed by a moving testimony type sermon entitled "The Jeroboam Trap" by Pastor Gene Wooton. Watch and be blessed.

Free Will Baptist Church Sept 8, 2019

Bethany Douglas, accompanied by Joshua McLaney on the piano ministered with a beautiful rendition of a song about John 8:36 speaking about our freedom in Chris Jesus, then Pastor Gene Wooton challenged everyone when he asks if all our comforts are taken away, will the Word of God still be enough to sustain us. Please share this message with others.

Free Will Baptist Church Sept 1, 2019

The mouth organ was brought back to life at Free Will Baptist Church as Bro. Miron Hendrickson, the longest serving member of our congregation reminded us about the power of Christ's blood, them Pastor Gene Wooton biblically warned us at Trouble will always come, you can literally count on it, so be prepared. God bless you.

Free Will Baptist Church Aug 25, 2019

Angela Wooton delightfully shares with us in song how she beautifully "Got Saved", this was followed by Chris Millette, Sunday School Director who reminded Christians of the enormous power we have inside of us through the blood of Jesus Christ, and how we can best use this power in times of trouble.

Free Will Baptist Church - August 18, 2019

Bro. Chris Millette reminds us that God continues to look beyond our faults and as a loving father under mercy or grace still supplies our needs. Just as in Pastor Gene Wooton's sermon' on "WHEREVER", God expects to go wherever He leads. Where is the Holy Spirit leading you today.

Free Will Baptist Church August 11, 2019

Carissa Millette through her song pleads for those who may be hurting inside to come to the alter which was immediately followed by Senior Pastor Gene Wooton as he preached on the subject "Distractions". Please don't let anything distract you as you process this powerful message.