Dear Beloved Viewers, I would like to greet you with the good news that WCVI-TV23 continues to bring you premium programming that has been tailored to suit a unique viewership like us here in the US Virgin Islands. With this in mind, WCVI-TV23 continues to take your favorite station in the new direction of Christian and Family Programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is my vision to introduce more local broadcasting here in the Virgin Islands via our churches, schools, hotels, etc. as you have already observed our programming attributes consists of an emphasis on Christian standards and ethics. As GM, I will be utilizing this opportunity to obey Jesus’ command to convey the gospel to the entire world by taking advantage of this important medium in the digital industry while enjoying good family programming. Speaking on behalf of the Family Broadcasting Corporation, I would be your contact, and it would be my privilege to hear from you the devoted viewers. I believe that this is a prime opportunity for the Virgin Islands with respect to the status quo in today’s media landscape; WCVI-TV23 continues to be a beacon for trusted Christian and family friendly programming. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Chris-2   Chris Millette General Manager WCVI-TV23 340-277-1702 – Direct