Free Will Baptist Church August 11, 2019

Carissa Millette through her song pleads for those who may be hurting inside to come to the alter which was immediately followed by Senior Pastor Gene Wooton as he preached on the subject "Distractions". Please don't let anything distract you as you process this powerful message.

Free Will Baptist Church August 4, 2019

Sheldon DeGazon, leader of the FWB Praise Team commented about the power behind this song, "it is one of the first songs I sang at church" he said. This was followed by Chris Millette, Sunday School Director who challenged the congregation to be grateful and thank Jesus for His Healing Power and Saving Grace.

Free Will Baptist Church July 28, 2019

Marcus Sydney reminds us that although there may be storms in our lives, Jesus is the anchor when the ship gets rocky, The was followed by Pastor J. Monday's sermon on perspective namely "Walk Worthy" If this message has been a blessing to you please share it. To God be the glory.

Free Will Baptist Church July 21, 2019

Marcus Sydney ministers in song just before our July 4 Independence Day celebrations, while Pastor Gene Wooton follows up with a sermon entitled In Christ Alone.

Free Will Baptist Church Musical Special - July 14, 2019

Various moments where some at FWBC ministered to the Lord in Song. To God be the Glory.

Free Will Baptist Church - June 30, 2019

It was Christian style fun for the teens and the young children as Vacation Bible School ended in song, fun and games. The E-Team that traveled from all over the United States ministered in song and performed an awesome pantomime that needed no explanation, this followed the climax of VBS 2019, this video pales to the actual live event. To God be the glory.

Free Will Baptist Church- - June 23, 2019

All recorded on Father's Day 2019 our worship service started with the current visiting E-Team 2019 led by Mike & Renee Pointer ministering in song "Who You Say I Am", the was beautifully followed with Mike Cumbermack's rendition on the Steel Pan of "One Day At A Time" Pastor Gene Wooton's sermon titled " A Father Built By The Lord" based on Psalm 128. I pray that some father out there may view this video and turn his heart of the Lord and be the father God wants him to be. Please share this with a father after viewing. God bless you.

Free Will Baptist Church - Father's Day Special

A musical gift from the faithful at Free Will Baptist Church, St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands on Father's Day., To God be all the Glory.

Free Will Baptist Church May 26, 2019

Singing with confidence Ashley Coberly beautifully reminds us that Our Redeemer Lives, then Pastor Gene Wooton follows as he shares a warning with the congregation on the dangers of blessings in a sermon entitled "Beware of Blessings"

Free Will Baptist Church May 19, 2019

It was all about MOMS as Pastor Wooton preached on Mother's Day, prior to that riveting sermon, the Free Will Baptist Choir led by Angela Wooton testified in song to the Lord that they will offer their lives to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pastor Wooton and congregation prayed for Mothers all over the world during the service. To God be the Glory.