Free Will Baptist Church April 14, 2019

FWBC Youth Pastor Monday ministers in song about our relationship and the sacrifice Jesus made when He was on the cross, this was followed by Pastor Gene Wooton's sermon Treasure where he share some of his own life experience to convey to the audience the importance of our spiritual treasure.

Free Will Baptist Church April 7, 2019

The FWBC Praise Team sang Blessed Be Your Name as the congregation happily sang along, then Bob Buttler expressed his belief on a Hill called Mt. Calvary as he rendered this popular hymn on piano. Pastor Wooton then goes verse by verse with a sermon titled "How To Keep On Going, When You Can't Go On.

Free Will Baptist Church - March 31, 2019

Ashley Coberly used her beautiful voice to remind us that we serve an "On Time God". Amoy Smith, a young, smart and humble senior of Free Will Baptist Christian School shares his testimony as he prepares for college life with God in mind. Pastor Gene Wooton rendered a soul searching sermon entitled "Evil in Appearance" Please share with so that others can be blessed.

Free Will Baptist Church - St. Croix, US Virgin Islands - March 24, 2019

Pianist Joshua McLaney glorifies God with a song about the cross of Jesus Christ, followed by Tim Madeira as he thanked patrons for their faithful giving in WIVH 89.9 FM Shar-A-Thon . Pastor Wooton then shares biblical advice on how to Share Your Testimony. Please share this video as we try to reach our family and friends for Jesus.

Free Will Baptist Church - St. Croix, United Stated Virgin Islands

Free Will Baptist Church Choir draws us closer as we near the memory of Christ Resurrection, Sheldon DeGazon reminds us in an old classic hymn that when Jesus was on the Cross, we were on His mind. Pastor Gene Wooton ends with a provocative sermon title "Does God Call You Friend" Let us, as we watch, look internally at ourselves and ask that same question, maybe we may need to share this with a friend or loved one. God bless you.

Free Will Baptist Church - March 10, 2019

The FWBC Choir led by Angela Wooton sings "Forgiven Forever" followed by Hannah Postlewaite ministering in song with "My Daily Sufficient Grace" . Pastor Gene Wooton then delivers the timely sermon "Unordinary" May you be blessed as watch.

Free Will Baptist Church - March 3, 2019

Mike Cumbermack ministers to the congregation on the steel pan with a rendition of "I Know Who Holds Tomorrow", then Pastor Wooton preaches on The Providence of God. May you be blessed with this video.

Free Will Baptist Church - Feb. 24, 2019

If you are visiting St. Croix in the US Virgin islands we invite you to come and fellowship with us. We are situated in Sion Hill, which is near to Sunny Isles Shopping Center, we meet on Sundays at 10 am for Sunday School, which is followed by our Worship Service at 11 am, we also meet on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm, we cater for everyone at all services. Come and share the love of Jesus with us. A family on fire for the Lord awaits you.

FWB Feb 17, 2019 web

Free Will Baptist Church, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, Marcus Sydney ministering in song and Guest Speaker Brad Ransom from North American Free Will Baptist Ministries.

Free Will Baptist Church - Feb 10, 2019

Free Will Baptist Church, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, the FWBC Choir followed by Pastor Wooton's wife, Angela Wooton, then pastor's sermon "WHAT NOW?